Assistance in Education, Access and Employment Retention

Disability shouldn’t prevent any individual from participating in the community. With willingness and the right skills and experience, nothing is impossible even for people with disabilities.

As an NDIS provider, we are dedicated to ensuring that disabled people receive the right opportunities in order to discover their potential by allowing them to take part in the workforce and the community.

We understand the importance of employment to people living with disabilities including making a positive impact on one’s health and well-being, as well as the financial situation.

In fact, research suggests that people with special needs demonstrate significant value and interest in their workplaces.

Our team is made up of highly qualified and skilled professionals who work closely with the training /educational organizations, governments, and businesses to make sure that every person living with disabilities gets the opportunity to live normally.

We aim at eliminating all barrier common to the disabled individual including education, personal, and employment-related. Our services include;

School leaver employment supports

We understand the hustle involved when looking for employment live alone actually securing one. Our team wants to make it easier for you by helping you look for a job, secure a job, and get to maintain the position. Our support includes;

  • Training you with specific job skills
  • Building job-related skills
  • Mentoring opportunities
  • Work experience
  • Assistance searching jobs
  • Support after securing a job, if needed
  • Employment-related support
support disability

Individual employment support

Our team will work with you on a good job plan that actually makes you achieve your employment goals. Our team is dedicated to offering you with ongoing training and assistance to settle on your new job. We aim at helping you build your employment skills and confidence.

Employment preparation and group support

In order to find and retain a job, it’s essential that you adequately prepare for the employment tasks. Our team will provide employment-related services including;

  • Career awareness/ skill development
  • Vocational evaluation and training
  • Skills on job applications, resumes, and interviewing skills
  • Internships/school to work programs
  • Employment exploration
  • Advice on employment workplace etiquette and behavior as well as problem-solving

We aim at enabling you to work in a wide range of industries including manufacturing, laundry, design, and packaging.

Transition in education – through school and further education

Transition is not inevitable especially when it comes to education. However, transitions out of high school into post-secondary, vocational, college, and other programs tend to be more frightening.

When it comes to individuals living with disabilities, transitions are even more jarring and require thoughtful and deliberate planning. We will help you to develop the skills necessary for the next stage in your career. We aim at assisting you throughout your journey from school, to higher/further education, and into employment.

Final words

Our concern is to help you make good progress in life by acquiring employment, developing self-reliance skills, and actively participating in the community. Our team of experts is committed and ready to help you live your life just as you would love it.