Assistance with Activities of Daily Life in a Group or Shared Living Arrangement

First, we should understand what it means by assistance with activities of daily life in a group or shared living arrangement. It basically entails living with a family or person who chooses to support you despite your disabilities. On another context, individuals living together can opt to come together since they have common goals and rent a house together. Here they can help each other on top of our team assisting them in their daily activities.

We understand the challenges most disabled people face within shared environments. Majority of these challenges arise if the people living with disabilities lack the appropriate support. Our team is dedicated to providing supervision and assistance on such tasks in order to help them develop independent personal skills. Furthermore, we do so in two capacities, either temporary or ongoing support according to the client’s requirements.

Our goal is to help our clients to take part and enjoy the world around them by realizing their potential and dreams as well as living a life of their choice that’s full of opportunities, joy, health, and happiness. With our help, the individuals are capable of leading an autonomous life in a higher degree. Different clients have different and varying needs, and our team is diverse enough to offer support in accordance with each client’s needs.

To achieve intensive support, our team has put in place several measures to improve the efficiency and reliability of our services. We have several arrangements in place such as individuals living together under one roof, living with a host family or living in defined cluster groups. This enhances easier service delivery for our team. Either temporary or ongoing support from our team is applicable in all aforementioned scenarios.

However, it is important to note that shared living support is not limited to parents, spouse or a legal guardian. All the possible living arrangements are given equal precedence by our team when providing support for various activities. A major reason for a shared living arrangement or living in a group is because the individuals live independent outside for joint benefit.

Benefits of shared living arrangement

  1. Generally improves the lives of individuals living with disabilities
  2. Prevents stigmatization
  3. Ensures individuals living with disabilities do not get bored in their homes
  4. Encourages continuing relationships with normal families

It’s much easier to learn an activity being taught in a group. This is another reason we chose this model. In addition, living with a host family or in a group, you are assured of the company. The benefits cannot be underrated since you get reminded of basic tasks such as taking medication if applicable. Also, the members you are living with may also offer you a hand in some activities and practices such as sports.

On the other hand, we also welcome individuals who wish to open their lives and hearts for the people living with disabilities. We match people living with disabilities to families who are free to welcome new members to their families. To get in touch with us, you just need to get an appointment with our team to discuss the way forward