Accommodation/Tenancy Assistance

Having a comfortable and secure home and being part of the community are among the most important needs that every individual including those with disabilities deserves.

We understand that a home of one’s own, whether owned and rented is the cornerstone of independence for individuals living with disabilities. However, disabled people tend to face a lot of housing challenges especially when it comes to renting homes.

Housing Discrimination

People with disabilities often face discrimination when seeking accommodation. Despite the various federal laws prohibiting housing discrimination against people living with disabilities, there still plenty of complaints regarding this issue.

In order to alleviate such a crisis, we have a professional team of experts ready to help you locate your accommodation and switch to your dream home.

Whether you need the independence of living by yourself or shared accommodation, we have you covered. Our team will offer you a range of disability accommodation options to help you find a place to call home and build independence. We can help locate your home based on:



We understand that the location of your home is vital especially if you have children or need to pay regular visits to the hospital.

We understand that transportation can be a challenge for physically challenged individuals. Therefore, we can help you to identify a suitable home close to essential social amenities including shopping centres, schools, transportation, restaurants, religious centres, hospitals, and local attractions among others.

We aim at finding you a strategically located home.

Environmental friendly household

It’s essential to reside in an environment with adequate space for both indoor and outdoor activities. For instance, individuals living with disabilities require regular physical and mental activities to acquire specific individual skills.

Living in a spacious, clean, and friendly environment will help you to stay occupied and active which can have a positive impact on your development. And, our team is ready to help you locate that home.


We understand your need to secure an accessible home. Accessible homes are fitted with unique technologies and features to accommodate people with disabilities. This features include lowered kitchen counters and sinks, widened doorways, roll-under stoves, raised electrical outlets, and wheel-in showers.

Finding such a home ranges from daunting to impossible. In fact, finding a house with no steps entrance on its own it’s not easy. Our team understands the needs of such features, and we can help you obtain that home.


Over the years, the affordability gap for individuals living with disabilities has exponentially worsened. However, our team know where to look and can help you identify an affordable home, whether personal or rented quite easily.


At last, the process of finding that good, affordable, strategically located, and accessible housing is quite demanding. The supply of houses with such features is far way less.

But, you don’t have to stress yourself over the issue. We can work with you to find a suitable and affordable house that suits your specific needs.

House modification

If you have a personal home, you can opt to modify it to suit your individual needs. We can help you arrange for a housing modification to improve access around your home. This may include the installation of ramps, bathroom remodelling, and grab rails renovations.

In some cases, it’s not possible or practical to modify your existing housing to meet your disability needs. In such cases, we will help you relocate to a more convenient, accessible, and strategically located home.


Living with disabilities on its own can be challenging. However, the right home can make your life more enjoyable because it gives you peace of mind. Let us know your accommodation needs and dream, and we will make it happen.