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Enabling people with disabilities

Why Care Squad ?At Care Squad, we have a mission to improve the quality of life for people living
with a disability, build confidence, dignity and assistance to develop personal skills.

As a small provider based in Victoria & South Australia, we have a dedicated and
caring team that focus on the individual and their own personal wants, needs and
goals, rather than a faceless bureaucracy for whom you are simply a number.

Whether you need help around the home, want to learn new skills or get
more involved in your community, we will give you the support you need.
Daily Living and Life Skills

A range of different support items to build everyday life skills.

Daily Personal Activities

Providing assistance in performing day to day personal activities.

support disability
Education, Access and Employment Retention

Assistance to take part in the workforce and the community

help physical disability
Travel Arrangements

Assistance with Travel and Transport Arrangements

Assistance with Activities of Daily Life

Assistance living in a group or shared living arrangement

working on skills improvements
Assistance with household tasks

Assisting you in completing your household chores

Coordinating Life Stages

Assistance in coordinating or managing life stages, transitions and supports

Accommodation Assistance

We help in securing appropriate accomodation for participants